IRRC Regulations

Over here you can download the regulations and entry forms of the IRRC season 2017.

Regulations: Regulations Reglement Reglement Règlement
Entry form: Entry Form Inschrijfformulier Einschreibeformular Formulaire d'inscription
Guest Rider - wildcard:

Application wildcard 

 Aanvraag gastrijder 

 Bewerbung Wildcard 

Application contestant occasionnel 

Please pay attention to the Application for Wild Card IRRC 2017
  • When a rider fills in the "Application for Wild Card IRRC 2017", it doesn't mean that the rider is automatically enrolled for the relevant event. The IRRC will send you a confirmation by
    email if you may start at the event.

  • The following deadlines must be respected:

    • Application for wild card Hengelo 2017: 15/03/2017 till 03/05/2017

    • Application for wild card Imatra 2017: 08/05/2017 till 05/07/2017

    • Application for wild card Chimay 2017: 08/05/2017 till 19/07/2017

    • Application for wild card Schleiz 2017: 24/07/2017 till 16/08/2017

    • Application for wild card Horice 2017: 24/07/2017 till 23/08/2017

    • Application for wild card Frohburg 2017: 28/08/2017 till 20/09/2017


IRRC Champions 2016

SBK:  Vincent Lonbois
SSP: Marek Cerveny
2016 IRRC SBK V Lonbois
2016 IRRC SSP M Cerveny